Required Building Permits For Renovations

Required Permits For Renovations

In most cases a building permit will be required to start and complete any project. For those projects that do require a permit the first draw will not be approved without permits.

Notice of Commencement

In addition when a project does require a permit the contractor must also file a notice of commencement and provide a copy to the borrower. Most county and/or municipalities in Florida will not provide the necessary inspections for a project that requires a permit but has not had a Notice of Commencement filed with the county tax assessor’s office.  

Home and Building Inspection Agreement

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Home and Building Inspection Agreement

A home and building inspection is a non-invasive, visual examination of a home or building performed for a fee. The inspection is designed to find material defects within specific components of the home or building, components may include any combination of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and/or other essential portions of the home or building.

The Purpose of the Inspection

The purpose of the inspection is to check the over-all condition of the home or building and is an observation of the visible and clear condition of the structure and its components on the date of the inspection. The inspection is not a prediction of future conditions

The Contents of Every Inspection Report Shall Contain the Following

                    * A written report that may be called Exhibit ‘A’

                       * A visual report that may be called Exhibit ‘B’

Exhibit B’s visual report contains digital photographs of the inspected property. Also contained in Exhibit B’s section are any/all relevant property search data that can be obtained by use of the internet, any/all found deficiency/deficiencies notation(s) that may have been omitted. Thus, any information contained in Exhibit ‘B’ shall be deemed included and part of ‘A’ and is pertinent to the final outcome of the property inspection report. Therefore, client(s) and/or their representative(s) are obligated to closely examine the written report (Exhibit ‘A’) and the visual report (Exhibit ‘B’), to fully ascertain the findings and recommendations included there within. Some municipalities charge a fee for property information that cannot be accessed on the internet. In that case additional costs will apply.

 Inspection Fees

Please refer to the inspection fees section of this website

Cost to Correct Deficiency Estimates

When an estimate or estimates are offered for cost to correct any deficiency/deficiencies found by the inspector, the estimate(s) are offered only as an estimate to provide client(s) and or their representative some idea for the potential cost to correct. When an estimate to correct deficiency or deficiencies is provided, cost estimates will be based on basic market valuations and conditions as believed to exist at the time the estimate was given, therefore no guarantee, expressed or implied is granted to the client(s) benefit. Cost estimates will only be provided when requested by the client in writing and only when a working set of plans and specifications are available from a Florida registered architect or engineer. The inspector will provide an additional cost proposal for the estimate.


In the event of a dispute between any parties to the loan, lender, mortgage broker, borrower, contractor or consultant, such dispute will be resolved through binding arbitration. The cost of the arbitration will be shared by all parties to the arbitration.

Travel Expense

When an inspection is requested at a location more than 30 miles round trip drive from Southwest Miami-Dade County a charge of thirty-five cents ($0.35) per mile will be applied in addition to all other inspection fees. When round trip travel time exceeds eight hours the inspector will book a motel room for overnight stay. The cost will be added to the inspection fee and travel expense. The per Diem of meals will also be reimbursed by the client or the client’s representative.


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