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Ralph W. Spurlock
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FHA 203K Loan Consultant A 0929
FHA 203K Loan Compliance Inspector L 755
Florida Certified Home Inspector HI 3298
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Home and Building Inspection Agreement

A home and building inspection is a non-invasive, visual examination of a home or building performed for a fee. The inspection is designed to find material defects within specific components of the home or building, components may include any combination of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and/or other essential portions of the home or building.

The Purpose of the Inspection

The purpose of the inspection is to check the over-all condition of the home or building and is an observation of the visible and clear condition of the structure and its components on the date of the inspection. The inspection is not a prediction of future conditions

The Contents of Every Inspection Report Shall Contain the Following

                        * A written report that may be called Exhibit ‘A’

                          * A visual report that may be called Exhibit ‘B’

Exhibit B’s visual report contains digital photographs of the inspected property. Also contained in Exhibit B’s section are any/all relevant property search data that can be obtained by use of the internet, any/all found deficiency/deficiencies notation(s) that may have been omitted. Thus, any information contained in Exhibit ‘B’ shall be deemed included and part of ‘A’ and is pertinent to the final outcome of the property inspection report. Therefore, client(s) and/or their representative(s) are obligated to closely examine the written report (Exhibit ‘A’) and the visual report (Exhibit ‘B’), to fully ascertain the findings and recommendations included there within.

Cost to Correct Deficiency Estimates

(Except For FHA 203 K-Estimate Cost Are Include in the Fees)

When an estimate or estimates are offered for cost to correct any deficiency/deficiencies found by the inspector, the estimate(s) are offered only as an estimate to provide client(s) and or their representative some idea for the potential cost to correct. When an estimate to correct deficiency or deficiencies is provided, cost estimates will be based on basic market valuations and conditions as believed to exist at the time the estimate was given, therefore no guarantee, expressed or implied is granted to the client(s) benefit. Cost estimates will only be provided when requested by the client in writing. The inspector will provide an additional cost proposal for the estimate.

FHA 203 K Loan Consultant Fees as Permitted by HUD/FHA

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FHA 203 K Loan Consultant

Ralph W. Spurlock, Florida certified general contractor since 1973, CGC 006912, Florida certified home inspector HI 3298,  FHA 203 k loan consultant A 0929 and FHA Compliance inspector L 755.

Contact information

Phone (305) 251-5889 Cell (786) 258-1557 Email

FHA 203 K loan; what is a 203 k loan?

A FHA 203 k loan is a government backed mortgage guarantee. A FHA 203 k loan can be used to buy and renovate residential and mixed use commercial property; it is two loans in one buy plus renovate or repair which means there is but one closing cost fee.

What is a mixed use property

What is mixed use commercial property? Mixed use property is property that is zoned as commercial property and residential property together. A FHA loan for mixed use is subject to certain restrictions like a limit on the percent of commercial use as compared to the residential use. Generally the restrictions are a FHA 203 k Loan for mixed use properties is 25 percent commercial to 75 percent residential.

Uses for the 203k loan

The 203 k loan can be used for to upgrade, modify, renovate, and add to, a property. In most cases it cannot be used for landscaping. For these purposes There are 2 types of FHA 203 k loan guarantees the streamline 203 k Loan and the full 203 k Loan.

203K loan limits

The loan limits are; for the Streamline there is a thirty-five thousand dollar limit. The limitation for the full 203 k loan type will vary from county to county in any state of the union but in some cases can go as high as 725 k +/-. The loan will be for purchase price, plus the cost of needed repairs, and/or desired additions or alterations. The maximum mortgage amount is based on the lesser of 1) or 2) below multiplied by the appropriate loan to value (LTV)  factor. 1. The as-is value or 2. The purchase price of the property before rehabilitation, whichever is less, plus the estimated cost of rehabilitation or 110 percent of the after-improved value of the property.

What about using the 203k loan for investment purposes.

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Certified Home Inspector

What is a certified home inspector and what does he do?

A certified home inspector in Florida is a person that has taken a proctor exam. The material in the exam is submitted for approval to the Florida Department of Business and professional regulation. With a passing grade this entitles the applicant to perform home inspections for a fee in Florida. In my case as a Florida certified general contractor I didn’t need to sit for the exam to perform home and building inspections. However I had applied for registration to the Federal Housing Administration as a FHA 203 k loan compliance inspector, and a FHA 203 k Loan Consultant. Under FHA regulations if a state requires a home inspection certification to perform home inspections, then the Federal Housing Administration requires that their consultants also possess a home inspection certificate from the state in which the consultant and/or compliance inspector is domiciled. You can get more information about the FHA 203 k Loan Program at:

A certified home inspector performs non evasive home inspections for a fee. His or her services are given to buyers, real estate agents, banks and mortgage brokers. Within the definition of home inspection there are several different types of inspections.

Standard Inspection

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